PJ Campbells at The Depot
114 Depot Rd. Plymouth, WI 53073   920-893-8600

PJ Campbells at The Depot Menu
Owner, Patrick Campbell, has over 30 years of restaurant experience ensuring that our customers will enjoy a wonderful dining experience.  

Casual everyday style food, made fresh, makes our menu reminiscent
of Mom's Home Cooking.
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Friday Fish Specials

Lake Perch $21

Perch & Shrimp Combo - $21
 Breaded Perch Fillet
with 5 Either Grilled, Scampi or
  Deep Fried Shrimp

Cod $18
 (Grilled or Breaded)

Grilled Cajun Catfish  $14 

   Cod & Shrimp Combo - $19
Cod, Grilled or Breaded
with 5 Either Grilled, Scampi or
  Deep Fried Shrimp

Smelt - $13

Prime Rib

Bengali / Prime Combo​

Homemade Soups Every Day!!


Everyday Specials

6 oz Tenderloin 

Bengali / Tenderloin Combo
Reservations Recommended But Not Required for Fridays and Saturdays
To Make Reservations, 
Please Call Us
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Saturday Specials - 10.24.2020

Prime Rib  
   12 oz $27
  16 oz $33  

Cordon Bleu Chicken Schnitzel - $18
Chicken Cutlet Breaded, Pan Fried & Topped With Ham, Swiss Cheese and Alfredo Sauce

Shrimp Platter - $25
  4 – Scampi 4 - Grilled
  4 – Deep Fried  

Key West Salmon - $18
Salmon Grilled with Lemon, Basil and
  Thyme Seasonings  

Baked Tomato Soup - $5
Same Concept As The Baked French Onion, But Made With Our Homegrown Tomato Soup

      Bengali Combo - $33       
6 oz Tenderloin  or
8 oz Prime Rib with
3 Bengali Shrimp  

6oz Tenderloin - $28

Soups - Santa Fe Corn Chowder and
 French Onion

Desserts - Apple Strudel, Oohey Goohey Cake, Carrot Cake and Peanut Butter Pie 

As You Are Aware, Meat Prices Have Increased More Than Normal. Due To This, We Needed To Increase The Prices Of Our Steaks, Prime Rib, Depot Steak Sandwich and Ribeye Sandwich By $1. Thank You For Your Understanding.